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Cuban Numismatic Association

of America (CNA)

Cuban Numismatic Association of America (CNA)

Welcome to the new and updated Web site of the Cuban Numismatic Association of America (CNA), founded on January 9, 2004.  

New annual membership is US $15 to start and $15 every year for renewal.

Please click the link above under "member login" or click here: http://www.cubannumismaticassociation.com/membership/ to join today!

A dues paying member of the CNA receives private access to the Facebook group page : CNA Facebook Group Page , a personalized member ID card, addition to the email list, newsletters, special login access to the website, invitations to the Winter and Summer FUN show where we have a club table setting and host an informative CNA meeting, and entitled to free advertising in the newsletters and on the website. This group includes active members in the Numismatic Community such as collectors and/or dealers. Once you sign up for the membership and log in with your credentials, you will see the extra menu items on the top of the page. 

The goal of the Association is to encourage, promote and disperse Cuban numismatic knowledge, collectible Cuban coins, currency, culture, education and fraternal relations among the numismatic community. The association is not affiliated with the Cuban Government Mint or the Association of Cuban Numismatics, based in Havana, Cuba. Our Association has active members and participants in several countries around the world who have the common interest in studying, collecting, and sharing knowledge and friendship with others about numismatics of the island of Cuba. 

The Cuban Numismatic Association is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and Florida United Numismatists (FUN).

We are a non-profit organization and non-political. Our mission is the study of Cuban coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, bonds, casino chips, documents, collectibles and, in general, all matters relating to the numismatics of Cuba. We are registered as a not-for-profit organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3), and all dues, donations, and gifts to the Cuban Numismatic Association are fully tax deductible. Any emails, comments, questions, posts, etc. relating to political agendas will not be tolerated.

This website is available in the Spanish language for the benefit of our Spanish speaking visitors by clicking on the "Translate" button on the top.

Please send your ideas, questions and comments to Ricardo Lopez, (President)

The legal name of the Association is "Cuban Numismatic Association", we are a legally constituted association in the U.S. and are not affiliated to any entity of any other country whose name in Spanish may be similar.

The Cuban Numismatic Association is a member of

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets

American Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Association

Florida United Numismatists

Florida United Numismatists
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